Engagement (London): Karen + Jonathan

I feel like I have spoken more English than Cantonese at work these days. I love how my job brings me clients from all over the world. I have been going back to London at least once every year in these five years. I was recommended to Karen by my prior client, who did her … Continue reading

Post-Wedding (London): Yan + Kelvin

Yan told me that we had met a year ago before they got married, and after the meeting, they got lazy and waited until after their wedding to contact me again; therefore, instead of a pre-wedding session, it has become a post-wedding session. My first impression of Kelvin was that he’s a mature guy that … Continue reading

Engagement: Clare + Kin

There are people that you know you click well with the first time you meet them. And Clare is definitely one of the people that I find I can click with. I still remember after the first meeting, she kept mentioning she wanted to make a deposit because she wanted to settle everything as soon … Continue reading

Travel: London

I can’t even remember how many times I have been to London. Seven times maybe? London is always one of my favorite cities to work in or visit. It’s funny that I feel at home when I am in London. I always have this craving for Nando’s. Their sweet mashed potatoes is addictive!

Engagement: Alice + Anson

I still remember my 4 business trips in 5 weeks back in May and June. Just the thought of it makes me shiver. Never again would I fly so frequently. Anyways, here is a quick teaser of one of my favorite overseas photo shoots. Alice and Anson both moved to the United Kingdom when they … Continue reading

Engagement: Annetta + Anson

In the past five weeks, I was all over the world. From Frankfurt to Munich, then London, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland and Shanghai. Finally I am back to Hong Kong. Home sweet home. I had a very short stay in London this time. I flew out the next day I finished Annetta and Anson’s shooting.Like most … Continue reading

Sneakie Peekieeeeee

Let me show you a little bit of what I did in London a little while ago. There are many photos that I love from this set of photos. Stay tuned! Coming up next will be Prewedding: Annetta + Anson.

Post-Wedding: Jan + Steven

I love shooting in London. A month ago, I did 5 shootings there. God blessed us. When the weather forecast said it would rain, it ended up just cloudy. When it said there would be thunderstorm, it ended up with very light shower.Steven’s a guy that’s very smiley and friendly. And Jan, she’s a very … Continue reading

Pre-wedding: Nina + Ivan

Who says I don’t do gown shooting? But it’s true that I personally am not big on gown photos (emphasize: not big on gown photos, NOT not big on SHOOTING gown photos even though I still prefer shooting casual western style more), and I will tell you why in the next post. Usually it’s the … Continue reading

Post-wedding: Elaine + Hayden

Location: London Before I met up with Elaine and Hayden, Elaine told me about┬átheir love story over a couple emails. I love my job partially because I get to hear a lot of romantic stories that I think would only happen in fairy tales. Elaine and Hayden’s story definitely is one of the most romantic … Continue reading