Engagement: Wincy + Emil

An engagement photoshoot I did a little more than two months ago. Wincy and Emil picked the first two locations. It’s always nice to shoot at new locations. Thanks Wincy for showing me to these two places. Here is the sneak peek of their photo shoot. Advertisements

Engagement: Paula + Jeffrey

Here is the sneak peek of Paula and Jeffrey’s engagement shoot. I have always adviced my clients not to pick any black outfits for their engagement shoots because most of the time the clients just would get blended into the surrounding when wearing black. Paula picked a black jumpsuit anyhow, and by adding a red … Continue reading

Engagement: Laureen + Wai

I had a short engagement session with these two lovebirds. It was definitely more like a picnic than a photo session as Laureen brought tons of snacks for us in case we might get hungry. Haha. Here is a sneak peek of Laureen and Wai’s engagement session:

Engagement: Rosa + Tat

I absolutely love the outfits that Rosa wore at the cafe and at the last location. Choosing the right outfits for yourself and at the same time fit for the occasion is never easy. Mix and match in my opinion is always more fun than a one-piece dress. Anyways, here is the sneak peek of … Continue reading

Engagement: Alice + Ben

It has been awhile since I last uploaded photos. In case you wonder, I have not been slacking at all; instead I was way too busy to update my blog. There are five other photo sessions that I have yet to upload, but another seven photo shoots are coming up. Arghhhh…it is going be one … Continue reading

Engagement: Marvi + Dickson Part 01

This is probably one of the engagement photo sessions that I enjoyed the most, not only because Marvi and Dickson are good looking couple, but they picked a new location for me to explore. Other than it was one of the hottest day in May, the most difficult bit of this shoot was that we … Continue reading

Engagement: Cathy + Leo

I like dogs, but spending my whole day with a dog was definitely a first. I can’t say it’s the best experience, but it was surely fun…and tiring. haha. When Cathy asked me if she could shoot with her dog, I was expecting a little doggie. When she later shown me a photo of her … Continue reading

Engagement: Judy + Ming

Judy is a really interesting girl. It seems like she never sleeps. She replies messages or emails at the oddest hour, like 5 in the morning. I would say Judy is one of the most nicest girls I have ever met. She’s sweet, friendly, goofy and the most easy going girl ever. Ming is almost … Continue reading

Engagement: Kaka + Jay

I love KaKa’s choice of outfits, perhaps because she’s a fashion designer herself. The cardigan and necklace on top of the wedding gown made me so excited and couldn’t stop taking pictures of her. Jay surprised me with a skinny tie as well. There really aren’t that many guys in Hong Kong that can see … Continue reading

Engagement: Wendy + Winson

This is a photo shoot that I don’t think I will ever forget. Why? It was so hot that day that I got a heatstroke while photographing this couple! So yes, being a photographer is not as easy as you imagine it is. =) Thank God that Wendy is a nurse! And yes, we did … Continue reading