Wedding: Kathy + Andy

Here is another wedding from last year. If you have followed my blog, you would have recognized these two love birds as I took their engagement photos in Portugal in June last year. You can click here to view it, and also here for their part 2 pictures. I just have to add that I … Continue reading

Wedding: Emily + Dennis

I was truly surprised when Emily contacted me and asked me to be her wedding photographer. Anyhow she lives in Toronto and I live in Hong Kong. And I believe that there are tons of great photographers in Canada. It would definitely be more economical to hire someone from Canada than me from Hong Kong. … Continue reading

Wedding: Elizabeth + Morris

I need to give myself a round of applause! I managed to update my blog three weeks in a row! Hurray!

Wedding: Zoe + Jimmy

If you have followed my blog from the start, you probably would recognize Zoe and Jimmy. I did their engagement shoot about two YEARS ago. YES, you didn’t read it wrong, it was two years ago. =) Here is a sneak peek of their wedding session.

Wedding: Katy and Silas

This is the teaser of Katy and Silas’s wedding that I took in December.

Wedding: Stella + Matthew

Here is a quick teaser of a beautiful wedding that I shot in late March. Doesn’t Stella look gorgeous? Congratulations once again, Stella and Matthew!

Wedding: Ivy + Mike

If you asked me the first three things that I remember about this wedding, they would be #1. 18 groomsmen and 9 bridesmaids, #2. the amazing 3D backdrop and #3. the most sincere and touching speech from the groom ever. Shaolin 18 bronze men! Sorry I meant 18 groomsmen! LOL! It’s usually not as easy … Continue reading

Wedding: Tammy + Henry

There are so many photos I like from Tammy and Henry’s wedding. I had to refrain myself from posting too many photos in this particular post. For the rest of the photos, please go check out my facebook page. The fun about shooting a wedding is that there are always unexpected incidents come up. I … Continue reading