Anniversary: Albrey + Jerry

The first time I met Albrey and Jerry was 6 years ago at their engagement shoot. The second time we met was at their wedding 5 years ago. This photoshoot is to celebrate their 5th year wedding anniversary. I remember the other day a prior client (who has taken three sets of photos already, and … Continue reading

Post- wedding: Clare + Kin

Morocco is a little disappointing in my opinion. Perhaps I had too high of an expectation for it. However, I can’t deny that it’s a great place for photos. I am not saying it’s not nice; Morocco has it’s own character, definitely different from other countries. Just there wasn’t one moment/ scenery that wow-ed me … Continue reading

Post-wedding: Josafin + Calvin

This is a photoshoot to celebrate Josafin and Calvin’s one year anniversary. For post-wedding photo shoot, I let my clients to choose packages that are only 1.5 hours, 2 hours or 4 hours. Here is the sneak peak of their post-wedding session.

Post-Wedding (London): Yan + Kelvin

Yan told me that we had met a year ago before they got married, and after the meeting, they got lazy and waited until after their wedding to contact me again; therefore, instead of a pre-wedding session, it has become a post-wedding session. My first impression of Kelvin was that he’s a mature guy that … Continue reading

Post-Wedding: Gina + Peter

Sorry I was out of town for a week and didn’t get to update my blog (my excuse for slacking! shussssh). Now here is my another set of photos I took in Melbourne three months ago. People always ask me how do I know where to shoot when I haven’t had the chance to location … Continue reading

Post-Wedding: Jan + Steven

I love shooting in London. A month ago, I did 5 shootings there. God blessed us. When the weather forecast said it would rain, it ended up just cloudy. When it said there would be thunderstorm, it ended up with very light shower.Steven’s a guy that’s very smiley and friendly. And Jan, she’s a very … Continue reading

Post-wedding: Elaine + Hayden

Location: London Before I met up with Elaine and Hayden, Elaine told me about┬átheir love story over a couple emails. I love my job partially because I get to hear a lot of romantic stories that I think would only happen in fairy tales. Elaine and Hayden’s story definitely is one of the most romantic … Continue reading