Engagement: Judy + Ming

Judy is a really interesting girl. It seems like she never sleeps. She replies messages or emails at the oddest hour, like 5 in the morning. I would say Judy is one of the most nicest girls I have ever met. She’s sweet, friendly, goofy and the most easy going girl ever. Ming is almost … Continue reading

Engagement: Helen + Joseph

A lot of people have asked me if I would post every single set of photos that I do. The answer is NO. If it’s a theme that I have done before, and the photos come out similar, I would choose not to post them. So far, 95% of my work has appeared on my … Continue reading

Wedding: Sharon (Little White) + James

The bride doing her own makeup and the groom doing his bride’s hair is already very rare, but doing it perfectly? I have no doubt that this is the very first one. Really smart of them to choose a bright color bouquet and corsages. I haven’t shown any photos that has their backdrop in this … Continue reading

Engagement: Albrey + Jerry (Theme 2&3)

When my clients cannot come up with a theme, I will usually suggest something that I have longed to try. I have always wanted to do a kitchen theme, but it’s just so hard to find a decent kitchen in Hong Kong.┬áLucky of me, I have a client, whose company owns a huge and western … Continue reading