Maternity: Karla + Ray

It’s really surprising to me that I have at least one photoshoot every week in this summer as summer is supposed to be our off peak season. I am glad so a few of them happened indoor. I did a full day pre-wedding photoshoot in July, and it was so hot that my brain had … Continue reading

Interior shoot for Post Magazine

You can find the full story here:

Interior: POST magazine x Shek O flat

This post has been sitting in my draft box for the longest time. I can’t post it until it’s officially out on the SCMP blog. Finally here you go! When I first arrived at this Shek O apartment, I was WOWed. I was like a kid discovering a new candy store. It was almost like … Continue reading

Interior: Happy Valley flat

I did this shoot for SCMP’s Post magazine two months ago, and finally I have made it into my own blog. I have been so occupied with my photoshoots and other commitments this summer. I just can’t wait for August to be over.