Engagement: Zoe + Jimmy

This is an engagement session that’s supposed to be done in mid June. Somehow, this session has been rescheduled twice due to varies reasons and ended up doing it in July. I have never shot under such hot weather. After doing a couple backlit photos, my eyes hurt so much that they kept watering, but … Continue reading

Family: The Wan Family

Don’t skip this post! You have to scroll to the bottom to see how much can change in 2 years! Sara and Billy are definitely two of my most favorite clients! Especially Sara, she has been so supportive throughout my photography journey ever since she has become my client two years ago. The first time … Continue reading

Engagement: Sara + Billy (Part 2)

Go check out post “Sara + Billy (Part 1)” before reading this post. On the third week of February, we finally had our photo shoot. It was also my first time meeting Sara and Billy. Perhaps because Sara and I have communicated so much through emailing before the shooting, I actually felt I have known her for a long time. Usually … Continue reading

Engagement: Sara + Billy (Part one)

This post is going to be longer because I have a story to share. When I first said okay to Sara’s request in November of doing their engagement photos in February, I never knew what I have gotten myself into… When Sara sent me photos to my Iphone of the locations of where they wanted … Continue reading