Wedding: Kathy + Kan

I have mentioned a long time ago that Shatin Regency Hyatt was my favorite lawn wedding venue. It still is. And with a beautiful marquee like Kathy and Kan’s? How can I not love it? I still remember more than a year ago Kathy and Kan emailed me to ask for my rate card and … Continue reading

Wedding: Lucy + Ernest

After having shot over 100 engagement sessions and wedding sessions, I have to say that even though the majority of my clients were nice and friendly, no one has ever come close to how thoughtful and heart warming as Lucy and Ernest were. Two hours before the reception started, Lucy and Ernest ordered a huge … Continue reading

Wedding: Mira + Jeff

Here is the sneak peek of Mira and Jeff’s wedding. (sorry, it’s cold and my brain has just shut down. I know it’s probably the worst excuse not to write, but it’s true! I have nothing against this beautiful couple. I love them! They are super sweet.) Super cool bridesmaid dress, no? I absolutely adore … Continue reading

My favorite wedding related venues!

Clients always ask me which bridal suite, garden, church or banquet hall do I like the best. So here you go! Favorite Bridal suite: No doubt is the one at The Repulse Bay hotel. Favorite garden for wedding ceremony goes to…Hyatt Regency (The one in Shatin) Favorite church for ceremony is surprisingly NOT Bethanie Chapel, … Continue reading

Wedding: Albrey + Jerry

Albrey and Jerry’s wedding shows you who they are – quiet and low-key. There is no dancing and no big surprises, but there are laughters and tears, love and coziness. Coming up next is “Engagement: Agnes + Eric”.

Wedding: Kee + Michael

It’s been 4 months since I did their Shanghai engagement shooting. Ever since Kee told me that they would have an outdoor wedding ceremony, I had been very excited and full of expectation. Here you go the highlights of the day: The ceremony was definitely one of the best that I have been to. Best … Continue reading

Wedding: Larina + Vincent

I honestly have never been to a bridal room that has so many bridesmaids (10 in total!!!) waiting to get their hair and makeup done. It’s like a salon! =) Larina told me that she had primary school, secondary school as well as University classmates as her bridesmaids. Before their wedding, when I was still … Continue reading