Engagement: Emily + Benny

An overseas shooting that I did back in November. Benny is my prior client’s baby brother. I don’t know why but when I look at Benny and Emily, I feel like they are two kids. I guess keep hearing my prior client kept mentioning Benny as his “BABY brother” made this “younger” fact into my … Continue reading

Wedding: Carmen + Eric

I still remember when Carmen booked me, she still hadn’t confirmed her ceremony venue or anything yet except she’s certain when the wedding would be. She said she she wanted to make sure that I would be her wedding photographer, therefore as soon as she knew about her wedding date, she contacted me. I still … Continue reading

Engagement: Mandy + Eric

I can’t remember when was my first meeting with Mandy and Eric. Probably a year ago. The only thing I remember about our first meeting is the story that Mandy told me. The story of how she got robbed and was being hit in the head on the street. Her parents had their phones switched … Continue reading

Engagement: Flora + Kenneth

We were all expecting nice weather in Shanghai in October, or that’s what we had been told. Okay, so…it proves we can’t always trust statistic. Instead of nice weather, we got a lot of rain on that shooting day. Rain, rain, rain…I wish you to go away… There was no way we could postpone our … Continue reading