Wedding: Zoe + Jimmy

If you have followed my blog from the start, you probably would recognize Zoe and Jimmy. I did their engagement shoot about two YEARS ago. YES, you didn’t read it wrong, it was two years ago. =) Here is a sneak peek of their wedding session.

Wedding: Mira + Jeff

Here is the sneak peek of Mira and Jeff’s wedding. (sorry, it’s cold and my brain has just shut down. I know it’s probably the worst excuse not to write, but it’s true! I have nothing against this beautiful couple. I love them! They are super sweet.) Super cool bridesmaid dress, no? I absolutely adore … Continue reading

A sunset Wedding (Las Vegas): Winky + Ray

I still remember a couple days before this wedding, I was in New York talking to my friend. She said, “there are two things that make a good wedding – dance and alcohol, and nothing else matters.” I had my doubt then. After spending three days at the mansion with the wedding party, I have … Continue reading

Wedding: Chenhua + James

Here is a quick teaser of Chenhua and James’s wedding. I have always known that Shanghai girls have flawless skin, but I didn’t know that they could be so slim! Arrrgghhh…so jealous! LOL.

Wedding: Gwendoline + Szehow

This is a wedding that I photographed more than a month ago in Singapore. I have never been asked to get to the hotel before the sun came out. It was pitch dark outside when I started shooting. It was funny that Szehow’s best man happened to be a Singaporean guy that I met 10 … Continue reading

Pre-Wedding party: Tiffany + Albert

The world is so small. Tiffany and I went to the same secondary school, but we didn’t know until I asked her which school did she go to after our first meeting. And then at their pre-wedding party, I ran into Albert’s brother, who I met at The King’s college a cappella concert, which took … Continue reading

Wedding: Joanne + Bobby

Sneak peek of Joanna and Bobby’s wedding reception day. Oh yea, there were only 30 minutes photo session, tea ceremony and reception as Joanna and Bobby had their wedding ceremony back in end of May in the States. Bobby is an American born Korean while Joanna is a local Honky, who went to study in … Continue reading

Wedding: Mandy + Vincent

I consider myself rather lucky that I am always being invited to shoot at beautiful weddings. Mandy and Vincent’s wedding is one of them. Mandy saw my photos that I shot at her friend’s wedding. Despite having already hired a team, she managed to persuade Vincent to engage me in their wedding as well. Mandy … Continue reading

Wedding: Sharon (Little White) + James

The bride doing her own makeup and the groom doing his bride’s hair is already very rare, but doing it perfectly? I have no doubt that this is the very first one. Really smart of them to choose a bright color bouquet and corsages. I haven’t shown any photos that has their backdrop in this … Continue reading

Wedding: Albrey + Jerry

Albrey and Jerry’s wedding shows you who they are – quiet and low-key. There is no dancing and no big surprises, but there are laughters and tears, love and coziness. Coming up next is “Engagement: Agnes + Eric”.