Wedding: Ivy + Mike

If you asked me the first three things that I remember about this wedding, they would be #1. 18 groomsmen and 9 bridesmaids, #2. the amazing 3D backdrop and #3. the most sincere and touching speech from the groom ever. Shaolin 18 bronze men! Sorry I meant 18 groomsmen! LOL! It’s usually not as easy … Continue reading

Wedding: Queenie + Joe (Part Two)

This photo is per Joe’s request. And this one is per Queenie’s request. LOL.

Wedding: Queenie + Joe

Queenie’s my childhood friend. We have known each other for over 18 years. And after one engagement shooting in HKG and one pre-wedding shooting in Melbourne with Queenie and Joe, I have gotten to know Joe quite well as well. It’s honestly a lot easier to shoot when I feel close to the couple. I … Continue reading