Travel: Melbourne

I have this same conversation numerous of times under different signature buildings/ sites around the world whenever I travel with someone. Friend: I can take a photo for you. (trying to reach for my camera/ iphone) Me: No, it’s okay, but thanks. (I refused to let go of my camera/ iphone) Friend: why not? Me: … Continue reading

Engagement: Andrea + Ho

This is another engagement session I did in Melbourne. Between the two engagement sessions in Melbourne, I was so horribly sick that I had to spend the whole day staying in bed, blowing my nose, and drinking plenty of water to relieve my sore throat. Thank God that I got slightly better before I photo … Continue reading

Engagement: Angel + Nick

This is one of the shootings I did in Melbourne. I rarely photo shoot two wedding gowns in one pre-wedding session. When Angel shown me her two vintage wedding gowns and asked me which was better. I couldn’t decide because I simply love both of them equally much. I got into a little problem when … Continue reading

Post-Wedding: Gina + Peter

Sorry I was out of town for a week and didn’t get to update my blog (my excuse for slacking! shussssh). Now here is my another set of photos I took in Melbourne three months ago. People always ask me how do I know where to shoot when I haven’t had the chance to location … Continue reading

Engagement: Queenie + Joe

If u had read through my blog, you would remember Queenie and Joe. I did their another engagement set back in Dec 2010. When they knew that I would go to Melbourne, they engaged me in another set of engagement photos. I knew nothing about Melbourne. Queenie whatsapp-ed me about the places that she wanted … Continue reading

Editing Marathon

Been having an editing marathon ever since I came back from Shanghai. Luckily, most of my photos are fun to edit. Just like this one I am working on.These two photos are from one of my Melbourne photoshoots. I had way tooooo much fun photo shooting this couple. And now I am having an extremely … Continue reading