Travel: Myanmar

Myanmar, in my opinion is a place one should visit at least once in his/her life time. I haven’t been to any other place that’s as beautiful as it. Sorry about the photo sequence, I have at least put them under the correct cities. =) Bagan Mandalay Inle Lake Yangon Yangon

Barcelona Wedding: Patty + Dairo

Patty, the beautiful bride, who I met when I was a student at University of California, Berkeley. We stayed at the same dormitory. She has always known to be the crazily fun girl. Wherever she was, there would be laughters. I am a lucky one to get to know and be closed to her. I … Continue reading

Travel: Switzerland (part 2)

A few of my friends are interested to know how I plan my trips, so I am going to talk a little about it in this post. Let’s use this Switzerland trip as an example. After deciding how many (9days) days I could get away from Hong Kong, I set out to book my hotels. … Continue reading

Travel: Switzerland

After a short business trip to london, I had a 9 days vacation in Switzerland. Since it takes no time to edit these travel photos, I have decided to just post them this week while I am rushing to finish a couple sets of work photos. Switzerland is undoubtably the prettiest European country that I … Continue reading

Travel: Austria (Part Two)

I checked the weather forecast a week before I went to decide what sort of attires to pack, it said that there was a thunderstorm heading there, and there would only be two sunny days throughout my 11 days trip. Guess what! Turned out it was almost all sunny except two days with rain! Salzburg, … Continue reading

Travel: Austria

I went on a trip to Austria about three weeks ago. Austria is definitely beautiful especially those little towns. However, Vienna is just a big city like every other european cities. Perhaps it’s character is that it has completely no character at all. What’s interesting always lies outside the cities. For example, Melk. I happened … Continue reading

Travel: San Francisco

I have always consider myself a born solo traveller. Like I have mentioned in my last post that I didn’t ever feel lonely when I travelled by myself, and I actually liked the quietness. I am definitely more afraid of going with someone that’s not in the same pace especially when I want to snap … Continue reading

Engagement: Lijun + Saba

Lijun and Saba is my second overseas couple. They flew in from Singapore. I had a great time photographing them and getting to know more about their country. I have a few Singaporean friends from college back in the day, I have always known Singaporean are tend to be shy and proper (exactly the opposite … Continue reading

Travel: Sri Lanka (part 2)

Even though everyday I was back in my hotel covered in dust, and the dust plus the sunscreen irritated my sensitive skin , I am crazily in love with Sri Lanka. There is just so much to see and so much to do. (Again all photos were taken with my fujifilm x100) Ella – Two … Continue reading

Travel: Sri Lanka

People have been telling me that how much they envy I get to travel so often. There is really nothing to envy about because they can certainly do the same. People prioritize things differently. I value exploring the world to be the most important thing to me at the moment while some value having a … Continue reading