Engagement: Gwendoline + Szehow

A quick teaser of my Shanghai shooting that I did back in May. Gwendoline is a girl from Hong Kong while Szehow is a guy from Singapore. They met each other in Shanghai. I believe that’s why they wanted to do their engagement shooting back there. Really nice meeting you two, Gwendoline and Szehow! Advertisements

Travel: Sichuan

This guy is showing me the chinese caterpillar fungus that he dug out.

Travel: Tagong Grassland, Sichuan

This is a place that I highly recommended. It’s about 110 km northwest of Kangding. The Tagong Village is a very small yet fascinating village, where you can get a taste of Sichuan’s Tibetan Wild West. In the village, Lhagang (Tagong) Lamasery blends Han Chinese and Tibetan styles and dates back to the Qing Dynasty. … Continue reading

Travel: Sichuan, China

I have always loved to travel in China. Their distinct cutlure and landscape are mesmerizing. Even their impoliteness and dirtiness are unique. I love shooting a little shop like this than a castle. In the morning, the little shop sells soy milk and deep fried dough; in the afternoon, they sell spicy noodle. Surprisingly the … Continue reading