Post-wedding: Elaine + Hayden

Location: London
Before I met up with Elaine and Hayden, Elaine told me about their love story over a couple emails. I love my job partially because I get to hear a lot of romantic stories that I think would only happen in fairy tales. Elaine and Hayden’s story definitely is one of the most romantic stories I have heard.
Hayden was originally Elaine’s boss, he somehow based in America while Elaine was in London. After a couple months of cyber communication, he flew to Europe for 3 weeks and went to the UK specially… that was a special trip that he made….to confess his love for Elaine.
For a couple months, they flew approximately 11 hours (or more) each time to each other’s country every two to three weeks to meet up even just for a weekend. After 7 months of accumulating mileage on their frequent flyer accounts, they got married in Seattle in December, 2010.
They were so sweet to be seen together. And both of them were very photogenic, which made my job very easy to do. Despite the cold and gloomy weather, we managed to have quite a lot of nice shots. The previous post “Happy rip-off day?”, the kissing couple in the photo is them. When I first posted that photo on my facebook, a lot of my friends thought I was taking a sneaky shot of some passersby.
For most of the photos, I didn’t intruct them how to pose. When I first met them, I told them I wasn’t going to instruct them how to pose. I only asked them to do two easy things (I am not going to tell what they were here. If you want to know, shoot with me =P), and the photos came out extremely romantic and so full of love.
Thanks Elaine for doing the route planning. And for showing me Richmond, where I think will be a perfect place for both gown and casual engagement shots. Too bad we didn’t have much time there.
Last but not least, thanks for the yummy french dinner! =)

One Response to “Post-wedding: Elaine + Hayden”
  1. Elaine says:

    Hi Kathy,

    Thanks so much for taking these gorgeous pictures of Hayden and I!! I just wanted to clarify one thing, which perhaps makes the love story even more romantic (haha). Hayden was my boss previously, but he was always based in the US, and was never in London. Because he and I were in different countries (plus he was my boss), it seemed like such an impossible situation. When he flew to Europe for 3 weeks and came to the UK specially… that was a special trip that he made…. which ended up with a very positive result! 🙂

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