Wedding: Kathy + Andy

Here is another wedding from last year. If you have followed my blog, you would have recognized these two love birds as I took their engagement photos in Portugal in June last year. You can click here to view it, and also here for their part 2 pictures. I just have to add that I … Continue reading

Engagement: Vanessa + Kel

I have always prefer my clients to wear flats for their engagement shoot for more natural posing, but looking at Vanessa, I might have to take back my belief. She looks so natural and gorgeous in her high heels! This shoot was originally scheduled in March, yet due to the unstable weather, we changed it … Continue reading

Wedding: Jan + Derek

Bali, I call it my third home. There is something about Bali that I can quite place, but it keeps drawing me back to it. I call myself lucky that my clients love Bali as much as I do, and decided to have weddings there. I was in Bali earlier in May 2014 for a … Continue reading

Engagement: Vivian + Wai

Vivian and Wai are one of those clients that doesn’t have much questions for me. I love photo shooting these two lovebirds. When you look at each of them individually, you would put them into the hardcore category. Especially Vivian. Maybe the fact that she’s a rock climber makes me seeing her as a really … Continue reading

Engagement: Claudy + Jacky

I have shot with different props in the past, but I don’t think any of my past experience could beat this one. The wine crates, the bunting, the colorful macaroons, the cakes and the others made me want to scream in excitement. I also love Claudy and Jacky’s choice of outfit. Doesn’t the red dress … Continue reading

Engagement: Simone + Shawn

I got back from Melbourne about a week ago. Still feeling sick. My first time ever cancelling a job due to my sickness. If it wasn’t a baby shooting job, I would have still go ahead and work. Anyways, here is a sneak peek of Simone and Shawn’s engagement photos. One of my favorite sets. … Continue reading

Wedding: Bonny + Stanley

Another wedding that I did in late Jan. The photos have been given back to them about 8 weeks after their wedding day. Just I have shot so many engagement photos as well as wedding photos in these couple months, and usually the photos don’t get to show two to three months after the shooting. … Continue reading

Wedding: Chenhua + James

Here is a quick teaser of Chenhua and James’s wedding. I have always known that Shanghai girls have flawless skin, but I didn’t know that they could be so slim! Arrrgghhh…so jealous! LOL.

Engagement: Edith + Marshall (Part 2)

For some reasons, these couple photos didn’t show up on my last post. Here they are now!

Engagement: Edith + Marshall

There were clients that asked me millions of questions before their actual shooting day after booking me. There were clients that asked me very few questions. Yet there was none that didn’t ask me any questions until Edith and Marshall became my clients. I was surprised that Edith had no questions for me regarding their … Continue reading