Family: The Lung Family

The first time I met Marcus, Eunis and Danny was right on the shooting day. The first thought that came into my mind when I saw them was that I was so lucky that this handsome family has picked me! Remember I mentioned in one of my posts that some people asked me if I … Continue reading

Engagement: Joyce + Alfred

Here is a quick teaser of Joyce and Alfred’s engagement photos. I love love love love Joyce’s floral print dress. It stands out so well in the photos. Can’t wait for next week to come!! Come back and check out what’s it about =) *snickering*

Wedding: Ankey + Enosh

I honestly have never shot/ witnessed a “pickup the bride” session this packed. I could hardly move to find another spot to shoot, but at least I got the best spot right from the beginning. Ankey and Enosh had a bunch of really crazy (in a good way) friends that were so energetic and witty. … Continue reading