Dating: Sharon + Nick

This is my third photo shoot with an overseas couple. Sharon has this around the world tour teaching cake decoration, she has decided to do a photo shoot with her boyfriend, Nick, in each of the stops, and Hong Kong happened to be one of her stops, I feel so very honored that this amazingly … Continue reading

Engagement: Sadie + Joe

This is another set of photos that I love so much. I used to say that I loved to photograph in London, now there is another city that I love equally much, and it’s Sydney. Well…I guess not just Sydney, but anywhere in Australia. Shooting under a blue sky, soft sunlight and the not-yet-developed natural … Continue reading

Engagement: Celina + Matthew

Originally I planned to post some wedding day photos this week, which I took back in December. But decided to post some engagement photos that I did in Sydney earlier instead to see if my post can help Celina and Matthew to make an easier decision on which photos to choose to be put in … Continue reading

Travel: Sydney

I will be traveling pretty intensively in the first half of this year. I am really excited about all my business trips. I was just in Sydney last week for an engagement shooting. I spent two days meeting up a friend and bossed him to drive me around town (*snickering* it’s good to be a … Continue reading