Engagement: Annetta + Anson

In the past five weeks, I was all over the world. From Frankfurt to Munich, then London, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland and Shanghai. Finally I am back to Hong Kong. Home sweet home.

I had a very short stay in London this time. I flew out the next day I finished Annetta and Anson’s shooting.Like most of my other clients, I met them the first time on the shooting day. I saw some of their photos on Annetta’s facebook, and have found that Annetta has an elegance that’s rare on an Asian girl, so I suggested her to keep her hair down when she’s in gown. And I absolutely love how she looked.
A lot of people asked me how did I manage to instruct my clients to appear so natural in the photos. Maybe they were born natural in front of the camera? Annetta is definitely a natural. Anson was a little stiff in the beginning, but he got used to my camera really soon.

One funny thing is that they are getting married in September 2012, and the wedding venue that they wanted to book on their big day is somehow booked by my another clients. And apparently they didn’t know each other. What a small world!

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  1. […] did Annetta and Anson’s pre-wedding shoot back in 2011 (you can click here to view their pre-wedding session). I get so excited when Annetta contacted me about her maternity […]

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