Family: The Ho Family

Yup! Another family/ maternity photoshoot. I have done so many family ones this year. Friends always ask me if I prefer photographing couple or family. I would say I enjoy both equally. It’s always fun to photograph toddlers. They always take you by surprised. You would never know if they would turn up cranky or … Continue reading

Family: Mandy + Vincent = Lewis

I am always happy to photograph my prior clients, not because their returning proves that they were happy with my photos, it also means that they know how I would photograph them without having to instruct and explain all over again. I met Mandy and Vincent about 5 or 6 years ago. I was their … Continue reading

Family: The Kissi Family

Oops. Didn’t realize I haven’t updated my blog for so long! I have been busy photographing, traveling and getting rid of jetlag. Here is one of my favorite family photoshoots I did in Toronto early this year.

Family: The Ng Family

I know it has been way too long for me to update my blog when a couple of my prior clients texted and urged me to post something new. Fyi, I have never stopped shooting in these couple months, just I was also busy having a lot of fun with different sport activities and traveling. … Continue reading

Family: The Yip Family

One kid is already difficult enough to photograph, now it comes two! BUT it also means double the joy! Eva and Sunny are another clients that I have gone through a few phrases with together. I did their engagement photo shoot, and then maternity. Now the baby twins turning one year old. Sophie and Emma … Continue reading

Family: The Wong Family

This is actually my second time photographing this beautiful family. Last time was two years ago when Long Long was only two years old. Time certainly flies. Szesy contacted me again when Long Long turned four. I am more than happy to meet and capture this family again. We had to reschedule this shoot because … Continue reading

Maternity: Larina + Vincent

Larina and Vincent. My prior clients from three years ago. I would say that Larina is definitely one of the girls that have helped me becoming a photographer today. Three years ago when I was so very green to this wedding industry and without a proper portfolio, she and Vincent booked me to shoot at … Continue reading

Family: The Lung Family

The first time I met Marcus, Eunis and Danny was right on the shooting day. The first thought that came into my mind when I saw them was that I was so lucky that this handsome family has picked me! Remember I mentioned in one of my posts that some people asked me if I … Continue reading

Family: The Chan Family

This is my fourth family session that I did in the summer. When Allison first contacted me, she told me that they would move to New York city in mid August. I, then suggested to do a short session on the ferry. When we first met at the pier, the kids weren’t very thrilled to … Continue reading

Family: The Inoue Family

There is nothing better than photographing your best friend’s family. Even though Ikuko and I don’t get to see each other that often as we live in two different countries, we have stayed as best friends ever since we both left Berkeley almost 10 years ago. My last time being in Tokyo Ikuko just has … Continue reading