Wedding (Florence, Italy): Alice + Raymond

Alice and Raymond had a very simple wedding with 20ish guests in Florence back in October. Here is the sneak peek!

Wedding: Laureen + Wai

I have photographed at this church for quite a few times now. The first time was when I photographed Laureen’s sister a couple years back. Here is sneak peek of Laureen and Wai’s wedding that I took in June.

Wedding: Marvi + Dickson

Wedding: Gladys + Kenneth

I always get asked this question: Do you prefer shooting wedding or pre-wedding photos? I honestly like both of them, but it also really depends. There are many factors that make me dislike shooting a wedding, for instance the long hours (8am – 11pm), the dull decoration, the same venue over and over again, the … Continue reading

Wedding: Tracy + Nick

This is my second time shooting at Chung Chi Church. My first time was about three years ago, I still remember it was quite a bad experience shooting there, not that the church wasn’t nice, on the contrary, it’s very spacious and elegant. It was the regulations there that put me off. I have never … Continue reading

Wedding: Trista + Matthew

I enjoyed photographing this wedding immensely. Perhaps because it’s my first time shooting at this beautiful cathedral and St. Stephen’s girls’ College. Thanks for inviting me to be your big day photographer, Trista and Matthew! This Cathedral is where Trista and Matthew met. Trista was the conductor while Matthew was singing at the choir. On … Continue reading

Wedding: Selma + Irvin

If you have been following my blog, you would probably remember Selma and Irvin as I posted their engagement session about a month ago. What’s interesting about this wedding was that at that morning when I went to the restaurant to meet up with the groom and his groomsmen for their short photo session, I … Continue reading

Wedding: Pansy + Tung

If you have been following my blog, you will recognize this couple. I did their engagement session end of last year, here is the link. After all these years, I have shot at quite a couple of churches now. The one that Pansy and Tung got married at certainly has the the strictest rules that … Continue reading

Wedding: Vivian + Florian

Today is my last day in the States. Finally heading back to Hong Kong. This november has been very eventful. I was in Bali for a week to do a wedding shoot, then two weeks in Los Angeles and San Francisco for an engagement shoot. So much has happened in these three weeks that some … Continue reading

Wedding: Clare + Kin

Not sure if you have seen Clare and Kin’s engagement photos that I did back in May. If you haven’t, don’t forget to check out Engagement: Clare + Kin. It’s one of my most favorite set of engagement photos. And here is a sneak peek of their wedding photos. I love Clare and Kin’s choice … Continue reading