Wedding (France): Roxanne + Damien

December is a month for some crazy travels. I will be barely in Hong Kong this month. What’s the point when there is only work and no play? There is nothing more exciting than shooting a wedding overseas. And Nice, France! Is there any other wedding that can top this? =) I was so excited … Continue reading

Travel: Arles and Avignon

Arles is a city in the south of France. It is around 30 min train ride from Avignon. After spending two days in Marseille, I was so looking forward to seeing Arles. There is always so much more to expect from a small city than a big one. And I do like Arles a lot … Continue reading

Travel: Marseille

There is this comment about Marseille – One either loves it or hates it. And if you asked me, I would tell you I didn’t hate it, nor I loved it. I didn’t love it because I had this high expectation before I went. When everyone told you South of France was picturesque, when you … Continue reading