Travel: San Francisco

I have always consider myself a born solo traveller. Like I have mentioned in my last post that I didn’t ever feel lonely when I travelled by myself, and I actually liked the quietness. I am definitely more afraid of going with someone that’s not in the same pace especially when I want to snap … Continue reading

Travel: California

Happy birthday to MYSELF! This birthday week is going to be CRAZY!! I love birthday. I love birthday cake. I love birthday presents. I love birthday cards. I simply love everything that has to do with the word “birthday”. Anyone wants to do a birthday engagement theme? I will give you a discount if you … Continue reading


I can’t wait to tell everyone how excited I am! I have just taken up a special engagement shooting offer. *pumping my fist into the air while yelling YES* Life is looking better than ever! *A really big grin on my face* I am in such a good mood that I have decided to share … Continue reading