Family: Amy + Wilson = Kaylee

A sneak peek to Kaylee’s one year old photoshoot. Advertisements

Family: The Ng family

I am definitely falling in love with this chubby round face baby girl. I have been thinking about her all the time since the photoshoot. This is my fourth photoshoot with this couple, who I have become good friends with. Here is the last photoshoot we did six months back (please click here).

Family: The Wan Family

Last time I met Sophie, she was only 1.5 years old. She hasn’t spoken one word to me back then. All she did throughout the photo shoot, she was cleaning her little kitchen. (You can see the photos from here.) Now that she is 3 years old, she sings, dances and speaks like a little … Continue reading

Maternity: Katherine + Howie

It is just too cold to type. I have frozen fingers even sitting in the office. A friend said to me, “I hope no one is crazy enough to want wedding photos in this weather.” Hmm…I did have a wedding to shoot yesterday; we, the photography and videography crew all had pink hands shooting outdoor … Continue reading

Family: The Wan Family

I have to say I am especially fond of this couple, not because they are the best looking couple though they are likely in the top 5 best looking couples that I have photographed =), but they have helped me in many ways to walk this far in my photography journey. I am forever grateful. … Continue reading

Family: The Yip Family

One kid is already difficult enough to photograph, now it comes two! BUT it also means double the joy! Eva and Sunny are another clients that I have gone through a few phrases with together. I did their engagement photo shoot, and then maternity. Now the baby twins turning one year old. Sophie and Emma … Continue reading

Family: The Triple AN Family

The reason why I called them the Triple AN Family is because the three of them all have their English names start with AN. Annetta, Anson and Baby Anders. Five years ago, I did Annetta and Anson’s pre-wedding photos in London. And then a year ago, I did the pregnancy photo shoot for Annetta. It … Continue reading

Family: The Lai Family

It was a lovely afternoon spending with Bella the baby, Yen and Jack. When Yen first contacted me about photographing Bella in her 8 months, I was really curious why would she pick to do it at this particular month because most of the parents would choose to do it when babies turn one. Yen … Continue reading

Family: The Lai Family

Two years ago, I did Tammy and Henry’s wedding (link here), today I am shooting for them again along with their baby boy – Travis. This shoot was originally scheduled in March, right around Travis birthday as a 1 year old celebration, but with all that rain and bad weather, we eventually moved it to … Continue reading

Maternity: Kit + Nick

Before I have created my photography business page, when clients’friends added me on my personal page, I would accept them all, and I remember Kit was one of them. Never would I have thought Kit and her husband would one day become my clients. Thanks for inviting me to do the maternity photo session with … Continue reading