Pre-wedding: Nina + Ivan

Who says I don’t do gown shooting?

But it’s true that I personally am not big on gown photos (emphasize: not big on gown photos, NOT not big on SHOOTING gown photos even though I still prefer shooting casual western style more), and I will tell you why in the next post.
Usually it’s the girl who I communicate with the most before a photo shoot, so that’s Nina, who I had sent back and forth tens of emails before we met up in London. After checking out her facebook photos, seeing her being so young and pretty, I knew right away which color and what style of a gown would fit her the most. I brought over two gowns to London. One white; one red.
I knew she could carry red very well and present a very fierce look. In case you don’t know, everyone looks good in a certain color. Some people look good in blue, some don’t. Some people can carry green, some can’t. The photo shoot was mostly smooth because Nina and Ivan were very comfortable in front of the camera. There was only one thing, and that’s my mandarin. I had such a hard time instructing them how to pose in mandarin (Nina and Ivan were both taiwanese). LOL.I especially love the photo on the right. Nina looks amazingly sexy.

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