Overseas Engagement (Portugal): Kathy + Andy (Part 2)

Sneak peek of the second part of Kathy and Andy’s engagement shoot.

Overseas Engagement (Portugal): Kathy + Andy (Part 1)

I went on a three days photoshoot with this funny and cute couple in Lisbon, Portugal. Portugal is a country that I haven’t been to before this photoshoot. Thanks Kathy and Andy having so much trust and confidence in me to find the right spots to do their photoshoot. The weather hasn’t been the greatest … Continue reading

Engagement (London): Karen + Jonathan

I feel like I have spoken more English than Cantonese at work these days. I love how my job brings me clients from all over the world. I have been going back to London at least once every year in these five years. I was recommended to Karen by my prior client, who did her … Continue reading

Post-Wedding (London): Yan + Kelvin

Yan told me that we had met a year ago before they got married, and after the meeting, they got lazy and waited until after their wedding to contact me again; therefore, instead of a pre-wedding session, it has become a post-wedding session. My first impression of Kelvin was that he’s a mature guy that … Continue reading

Pre-wedding: Iris + Carlton

I had so much fun photographing Iris and Carlton in Bali, even though we weren’t very lucky with one of the locations, the photos still turn out pretty well! Thanks Iris and Carlton for being so cheerful and interesting to work with! I have changed a couple photos into black and white simply because it … Continue reading

Engagement: Joyce + Matt

This is an overseas engagement shoot I did two months ago in Los Angeles. One of my favorite shoots definitely. Good looking couple, incredibly nice locations with a wonderful weather, what more can I ask for?

Engagement: Andrea + Ho

This is another engagement session I did in Melbourne. Between the two engagement sessions in Melbourne, I was so horribly sick that I had to spend the whole day staying in bed, blowing my nose, and drinking plenty of water to relieve my sore throat. Thank God that I got slightly better before I photo … Continue reading

Engagement: Angel + Nick

This is one of the shootings I did in Melbourne. I rarely photo shoot two wedding gowns in one pre-wedding session. When Angel shown me her two vintage wedding gowns and asked me which was better. I couldn’t decide because I simply love both of them equally much. I got into a little problem when … Continue reading

Engagement: Clare + Kin

There are people that you know you click well with the first time you meet them. And Clare is definitely one of the people that I find I can click with. I still remember after the first meeting, she kept mentioning she wanted to make a deposit because she wanted to settle everything as soon … Continue reading

Engagement (Vietnam): Jessica + Gary

I never thought one day I would do an engagement session in Hanoi, Vietnam. What makes life interesting is that you never know what to expect. Thanks Jessica and Gary for bringing me there!