Engagement: Emily + Benny

An overseas shooting that I did back in November. Benny is my prior client’s baby brother. I don’t know why but when I look at Benny and Emily, I feel like they are two kids. I guess keep hearing my prior client kept mentioning Benny as his “BABY brother” made this “younger” fact into my … Continue reading

Engagement: So Ling + Wai

This is definitely one of my favorite sets of photos. We spent two half days shooting in Rome and Florence. It was actually my first time being in Florence. I spent 7 hours walking around Florence the day before they arrived. When I said WALKING, it literally meant on foot. Soling and Wai made my … Continue reading

Europe Pre-Wedding/ Post-wedding Photo Shoot

I will be traveling somewhere in Europe this September (14/9 – 24/9). (And NO! Not Italy. I just pick a random photo to show in this post.) I might as well take in one or two pre/post-wedding shooting jobs (sorry, can’t do more than that this time.). If you (or any of your friends) are interested, please email … Continue reading

Travel: Rome

I have always enjoyed traveling solo. But when I took these photos, I was with my new friend – a girl from Jiangsu.

Venice, Italy

A short break before work begins. I haven’t stuffed my face in pizza, rather its gelato that gets all my attention. I still have two more days to eat all I want. Never expected Lido to be so much fun. I am not talking about the bikini girls, but the sky full of kites. I … Continue reading