Engagement: Vanessa + Matthew

I came back from the States two weeks ago, and I have already done 5 photo shoots since then. There are a couple more to come in the remaining two weeks. I am truly blessed with all the supports and trust! There were many times that I would love to share with you the stories … Continue reading

Engagement: Claudy + Jacky

I have shot with different props in the past, but I don’t think any of my past experience could beat this one. The wine crates, the bunting, the colorful macaroons, the cakes and the others made me want to scream in excitement. I also love Claudy and Jacky’s choice of outfit. Doesn’t the red dress … Continue reading

Engagement: Clare + Kin

There are people that you know you click well with the first time you meet them. And Clare is definitely one of the people that I find I can click with. I still remember after the first meeting, she kept mentioning she wanted to make a deposit because she wanted to settle everything as soon … Continue reading