Maternity: Karla + Ray

It’s really surprising to me that I have at least one photoshoot every week in this summer as summer is supposed to be our off peak season. I am glad so a few of them happened indoor. I did a full day pre-wedding photoshoot in July, and it was so hot that my brain had … Continue reading

Maternity: Yan + Kelvin

Family: The Fung family

This is my third time having a photo session with Larina and Vincent. The first time was at their wedding, the second time was when Barnabas was still in Larina’s womb. Seeing their family keeps expanding is an interesting and warm feeling. The weather wasn’t ideal on the day we shot. It was cloudy in … Continue reading

Maternity: Mandy + Jason

Twice in a month that I heard from my clients that I should increase my charge. And yes, they always tell me that I should increase my charge after they are done with their payments. Hahaha. Mandy is one of the two. I will seriously consider your suggestion about raising my price. =) The one … Continue reading

Maternity: Kit + Nick

Before I have created my photography business page, when clients’friends added me on my personal page, I would accept them all, and I remember Kit was one of them. Never would I have thought Kit and her husband would one day become my clients. Thanks for inviting me to do the maternity photo session with … Continue reading

Happy Chinese new year!

While you are reading this, I am already back home – San Francisco! I mean my SECOND home. I am so excited about this trip that I am not going to work for the next two weeks but only stuffing my face in pho and tacos. =) =) =) Soooo…my phone will be off, but … Continue reading

Maternity: Victoria + Alvin

Lucky us to get some proper sunlight in Hong Kong! Victoria and Alvin are good friends of my prior client – Yan. Thanks Yan for recommending me to so many of her friends! =) 95% of my clients came from word of mouth. I have always been lazy promoting myself nor generating business. I don’t … Continue reading

Maternity: Eva + Sunny

I feel like I have been doing a lot more maternity and family photo shoots this year. Eva is also a “return” client. You can see her engagement shoot here. While we discussed about this maternity shoot, Eva told me that she wanted some of the photos to be similar to her engagement shoot. I … Continue reading

Family: Karen + Kent + Quentin

Baby Quentin is probably one of the friendliest kids that I have ever met. Kids his age tend to be shy and get intimidated easily by strangers; yet on the contrary, when I arrived at his home, I hold out my hand, he reached out his hand and shake mine! I sure wasn’t expecting that! … Continue reading

Maternity: Annetta + Anson

I did Annetta and Anson’s pre-wedding shoot back in 2011 (you can click here to view their pre-wedding session). I get so excited when Annetta contacted me about her maternity shoot because return clients always means they were happy with my first shoot. I actually have been shooting for quite a couple prior clients recently. … Continue reading