Post-Wedding: Jan + Steven

I love shooting in London.

A month ago, I did 5 shootings there. God blessed us. When the weather forecast said it would rain, it ended up just cloudy. When it said there would be thunderstorm, it ended up with very light shower.Steven’s a guy that’s very smiley and friendly. And Jan, she’s a very special girl. She categorized herself as the “ma farn” (troublesome in english) type. I tell you here, Jan. “I don’t agree with you!” LOL. Having ones own opinion and will outwardly express it right at the spot, I consider it a good thing instead of “ma farn”.

There are people that know what they want and what not, but they won’t express it to you until you show them the edited photos 8 weeks later, they complain about it. Saying that they want to pose like this, like that instead. THOSE ARE SERIOUSLY MA FARN!

Jan, you are actually a very sweet girl.

2 Responses to “Post-Wedding: Jan + Steven”
  1. janpang says:

    just realised photos are up here! we love them so much dear, can’t wait to see the rest!!! thanks darling, they are just too lovely!!! and kathy, u are very very sweet as well 🙂

  2. Peter NG says:

    Nice scene ar 😀

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