Engagement: Laureen + Wai

I had a short engagement session with these two lovebirds. It was definitely more like a picnic than a photo session as Laureen brought tons of snacks for us in case we might get hungry. Haha. Here is a sneak peek of Laureen and Wai’s engagement session:

Engagement: Tiffany + Daniel

What I have learned from this shoot is that we tend to be critical and harsh to ourselves. We see flaws in ourselves that no one notices. It totally took me by surprised that even gorgeous girl like Tiffany, she saw flaws in herself. Anyways, there are so many photos that I love from this … Continue reading

Engagement: Cathy + Leo

I like dogs, but spending my whole day with a dog was definitely a first. I can’t say it’s the best experience, but it was surely fun…and tiring. haha. When Cathy asked me if she could shoot with her dog, I was expecting a little doggie. When she later shown me a photo of her … Continue reading

Engagement: Megan + Tom

Never have I shot an engagement session with two sports theme! I had way too much fun exploring these two themes. I always tell my clients to choose a theme that can best represent them or their stories. Megan and Tom met at a climbing gym, and they both love rock climbing and running. What’s … Continue reading

Maternity: Annetta + Anson

I did Annetta and Anson’s pre-wedding shoot back in 2011 (you can click here to view their pre-wedding session). I get so excited when Annetta contacted me about her maternity shoot because return clients always means they were happy with my first shoot. I actually have been shooting for quite a couple prior clients recently. … Continue reading

Friends: #30 is the new 20

How I wish I could have more time to photograph this group of girls, 2.5 hours just wasn’t enough. Agnes is my prior client (you can view her beautiful family from here), she’s also the one who made contacted with me this time. She told me that she wanted to have a photo session with … Continue reading

Engagement: Selma + Irvin

I love how my job helps me reconnect with people that I have met when I was young. Selma and I went to the same secondary school, since we weren’t in the same form, we weren’t particularly close, but we would chat here and there as we both were in the swimming team. We had … Continue reading

Engagement: Phoenix + Halley

I usually plan a shoot base on the love story that my clients tell me. After reading the story from Phoenix, I knew nothing would be better than doing a long distance relationship theme. Phoenix and Halley’s story was definitely one of the most touching stories I have heard. I am not going into detail … Continue reading

Family: The Lung Family

The first time I met Marcus, Eunis and Danny was right on the shooting day. The first thought that came into my mind when I saw them was that I was so lucky that this handsome family has picked me! Remember I mentioned in one of my posts that some people asked me if I … Continue reading

Engagement: Shadow + Jonathan

It’s such an enjoyable experience to photograph Shadow and Jonathan. With Shadow’s design background, she’s extremely stylish. Can you believe all the hairpieces are handmade by her? I love all these handmade stuff by my clients. The personal touch will definitely make your engagement session so much more unique and memorable. Here is a quick … Continue reading