Wedding: Clare + Kin

Not sure if you have seen Clare and Kin’s engagement photos that I did back in May. If you haven’t, don’t forget to check out Engagement: Clare + Kin. It’s one of my most favorite set of engagement photos. And here is a sneak peek of their wedding photos. I love Clare and Kin’s choice … Continue reading

Engagement: Angel + Nick

This is one of the shootings I did in Melbourne. I rarely photo shoot two wedding gowns in one pre-wedding session. When Angel shown me her two vintage wedding gowns and asked me which was better. I couldn’t decide because I simply love both of them equally much. I got into a little problem when … Continue reading

Engagement: Vivian + Wai

Vivian and Wai are one of those clients that doesn’t have much questions for me. I love photo shooting these two lovebirds. When you look at each of them individually, you would put them into the hardcore category. Especially Vivian. Maybe the fact that she’s a rock climber makes me seeing her as a really … Continue reading

Engagement: Eva + Sunny

Weather in Hong Kong this year has been very weird. It has been raining pretty much the whole month in April and May. So many of my shootings have to be rescheduled. Come on! Hong Kong! Stop raining already! Here is a sneak peek of Eva and Sunny’s engagement set, which we managed to do … Continue reading

Engagement (Vietnam): Jessica + Gary

I never thought one day I would do an engagement session in Hanoi, Vietnam. What makes life interesting is that you never know what to expect. Thanks Jessica and Gary for bringing me there!

Engagement: Edith + Marshall

There were clients that asked me millions of questions before their actual shooting day after booking me. There were clients that asked me very few questions. Yet there was none that didn’t ask me any questions until Edith and Marshall became my clients. I was surprised that Edith had no questions for me regarding their … Continue reading

Engagement: Celina + Matthew

Originally I planned to post some wedding day photos this week, which I took back in December. But decided to post some engagement photos that I did in Sydney earlier instead to see if my post can help Celina and Matthew to make an easier decision on which photos to choose to be put in … Continue reading

Engagement: Cynthia + Kit

I have known Cynthia since she was a little girl (I was a little girl myself back then as well. LOL.) Seeing her blossomed into such a pretty young lady, I feel old (okay I wasn’t so much a little girl myself when I first met Cynthia.). Here is a quick teaser of their engagement … Continue reading

Wedding: Carmen + Eric

I still remember when Carmen booked me, she still hadn’t confirmed her ceremony venue or anything yet except she’s certain when the wedding would be. She said she she wanted to make sure that I would be her wedding photographer, therefore as soon as she knew about her wedding date, she contacted me. I still … Continue reading

Engagement: Stella + Matthew

This is an engagement shooting that I did back in October. Projects that I did in November will be up soon. For people that have gone through most of my posts should know that I don’t shoot evening gowns except on wedding days. I have spent quite some times talking with Stella about her outfits. … Continue reading