Maternity: Yan + Kelvin

Engagement: Megan + Tom

Never have I shot an engagement session with two sports theme! I had way too much fun exploring these two themes. I always tell my clients to choose a theme that can best represent them or their stories. Megan and Tom met at a climbing gym, and they both love rock climbing and running. What’s … Continue reading

Family: Soei + Jeff + Timothy

Happy birthday Baby Timothy! I have gotten very passionate about photographing families with young kids. Photographing this beautiful family was actually easy. Baby Timothy was another well behaved baby that I have met that month.

Engagement: Vanessa + Matthew

I came back from the States two weeks ago, and I have already done 5 photo shoots since then. There are a couple more to come in the remaining two weeks. I am truly blessed with all the supports and trust! There were many times that I would love to share with you the stories … Continue reading

Engagement: Cynthia + Kit

I have known Cynthia since she was a little girl (I was a little girl myself back then as well. LOL.) Seeing her blossomed into such a pretty young lady, I feel old (okay I wasn’t so much a little girl myself when I first met Cynthia.). Here is a quick teaser of their engagement … Continue reading

Engagement: Stella + Matthew

This is an engagement shooting that I did back in October. Projects that I did in November will be up soon. For people that have gone through most of my posts should know that I don’t shoot evening gowns except on wedding days. I have spent quite some times talking with Stella about her outfits. … Continue reading

Engagement: Lily + Eddie

Here is a quick teaser of Lily and Eddie’s engagement set.

Engagement: Karen + Joe

From the day Karen contacted me for my charge to actually photo shooting the couple took only 16 days. They haven’t requested to meet in person to go through the details or anything. We simply did it all through emails. That’s just perfect for me. This set is definitely one of my favorite sets of … Continue reading

Engagement: Jasmine + Calvin

This shooting was done back in early May, and it was definitely the hottest day in May. I can still feel the heat just by looking at the photos. LOL.

Pre-Wedding: Shirley + Archie

I have turned down a number of jobs this year because of clients’ choices of outfits. When new clients approach me for pre-wedding photo shooting service, their outfit choices would be one of the very first few things I ask. If they chose to shoot in ALL gowns, I would say no. I will tell … Continue reading