Engagement: Candy + Horis

We did this engagement session in early June. It was originally scheduled in mid May, but as everyone knows, the weather in Hong Kong in the past couple months hasn’t been especially kind to us. The day we shot in June wasn’t particularly ideal neither. It was extremely hot in the morning, and cloudy in … Continue reading

Engagement: Simone + Shawn

I got back from Melbourne about a week ago. Still feeling sick. My first time ever cancelling a job due to my sickness. If it wasn’t a baby shooting job, I would have still go ahead and work. Anyways, here is a sneak peek of Simone and Shawn’s engagement photos. One of my favorite sets. … Continue reading

Engagement: Sara + Billy (Part 2)

Go check out post “Sara + Billy (Part 1)” before reading this post. On the third week of February, we finally had our photo shoot. It was also my first time meeting Sara and Billy. Perhaps because Sara and I have communicated so much through emailing before the shooting, I actually felt I have known her for a long time. Usually … Continue reading

Engagement: Sara + Billy (Part one)

This post is going to be longer because I have a story to share. When I first said okay to Sara’s request in November of doing their engagement photos in February, I never knew what I have gotten myself into… When Sara sent me photos to my Iphone of the locations of where they wanted … Continue reading

Engagement: Candy + Philip

Trams in Hong Kong have not only been a form of transport for over 100 years, but also a major tourist attraction and one of the most environmentally friendly mass transit systems. It is the solely exclusively double-decker operated tram system in the world. The tram reminds me some really great and sweet memories of … Continue reading