Engagement: Ankey + Enosh

First of all, I have to thank Ankey and Enosh for putting so much trust and faith in me, and letting me try out all my crazy ideas. As far as I know, Ankey has bought at least 7 outfits for this 4 hours shooting. She cared all the details as much as I did. The color of the tablecloth, the print on the napkins, the length of the dresses and all that tiny stuff. I loved how serious she took this photo shoot. It was so sunny the day we did this shooting. Ankey got tan lines on her shoulders. And I got a face as red as having a high fever, but I think it’s well worth it.I had so much fun photo shooting this young couple. Both of them are so successful in their own careers while still being modest and funny. Ankey is a dentist, and Enosh is a businessman. I have a photo of a small bucket overflow with apples, and a couple of photos with Ankey and Enosh reading a magazine, which the cover photo was Enosh. I love those photos, but then there are so many photos that I love from this set, and I simply can’t post them all here.Ankey’s very sophisticated, which I find it rare in Hong Kong girls. And Enosh has very sharp facial features. The two of them make a very beautiful couple. I LOVE this photo sosososososo much.

Can’t wait to edit their gown photos (which still have to wait for a bit though. LOL.)!

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