Maternity: Karla + Ray

It’s really surprising to me that I have at least one photoshoot every week in this summer as summer is supposed to be our off peak season. I am glad so a few of them happened indoor. I did a full day pre-wedding photoshoot in July, and it was so hot that my brain had … Continue reading

Family: Mandy + Vincent = Lewis

I am always happy to photograph my prior clients, not because their returning proves that they were happy with my photos, it also means that they know how I would photograph them without having to instruct and explain all over again. I met Mandy and Vincent about 5 or 6 years ago. I was their … Continue reading

Family: The Ng family

I am definitely falling in love with this chubby round face baby girl. I have been thinking about her all the time since the photoshoot. This is my fourth photoshoot with this couple, who I have become good friends with. Here is the last photoshoot we did six months back (please click here).

Interior shoot for Post Magazine

You can find the full story here:

Family: The Wan Family

I have to say I am especially fond of this couple, not because they are the best looking couple though they are likely in the top 5 best looking couples that I have photographed =), but they have helped me in many ways to walk this far in my photography journey. I am forever grateful. … Continue reading

Interior: POST magazine x Shek O flat

This post has been sitting in my draft box for the longest time. I can’t post it until it’s officially out on the SCMP blog. Finally here you go! When I first arrived at this Shek O apartment, I was WOWed. I was like a kid discovering a new candy store. It was almost like … Continue reading

Family: The Lai Family

It was a lovely afternoon spending with Bella the baby, Yen and Jack. When Yen first contacted me about photographing Bella in her 8 months, I was really curious why would she pick to do it at this particular month because most of the parents would choose to do it when babies turn one. Yen … Continue reading

Maternity: Annetta + Anson

I did Annetta and Anson’s pre-wedding shoot back in 2011 (you can click here to view their pre-wedding session). I get so excited when Annetta contacted me about her maternity shoot because return clients always means they were happy with my first shoot. I actually have been shooting for quite a couple prior clients recently. … Continue reading

Family: The Chan Family

This is my fourth family session that I did in the summer. When Allison first contacted me, she told me that they would move to New York city in mid August. I, then suggested to do a short session on the ferry. When we first met at the pier, the kids weren’t very thrilled to … Continue reading

Engagement: Candy + Horis

We did this engagement session in early June. It was originally scheduled in mid May, but as everyone knows, the weather in Hong Kong in the past couple months hasn’t been especially kind to us. The day we shot in June wasn’t particularly ideal neither. It was extremely hot in the morning, and cloudy in … Continue reading