Travel: Český Krumlov

I just spent two weeks in Czech Republic and Hungary.

Český Krumlov is a small city in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic, best known for the fine architecture and art of the historic old town and Český Krumlov Castle. Old Český Krumlov is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was given this status along with the historic Prague castle district.
I basically don’t take random photos anymore. Or I should say I am getting lazy to take my camera around. These are the only few that I have taken.

Prague and Budapest will come next.

One Response to “Travel: Český Krumlov”
  1. Most of tourists visiting Cesky Krumlov compare this town to the capital of our republic Prague because of its beautiful historic appearance…..Castle and Chateau dominates the northern part of an urban preservation area that is listed in the UNESCO World Index of Cultural and Natural Heritage since 13th December 1992 ……… ……You can either take a bus or train from Prague to esk Krumlov although the bus connection is faster.

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