Wedding: Eunice + Donald

It has been such a long time since I updated this blog even the settings for creating a new post has changed already! But just so you all know that I haven’t stopped taking photos. So many things have happened in 2017, and most of them were good rather than bad. If I could recall, … Continue reading

Wedding (Koh Samui): Bianca + Ken

I love everything about this wedding. The couple, the wedding setting, the guests, the villa, the wedding planner, everything about it was just perfect. I have gotten to know Bianca and Ken at Bianca’s sister’s wedding in Las Vegas a few years back. We have been in touch ever since. I have done two engagement … Continue reading

Wedding: Elaine + Jack

The weather on this wedding day was gloomy. A typical spring weather in Hong Kong. I was so amazed with Jack’s craftsmanship. He assembled the backdrop himself and actually the whole wedding setting. He said it took him two days. It’s simply amazing!

Wedding (Hawaii): Priscilla + Darren

This wedding was captured about 4 months ago in Hawaii. I was so excited when Priscilla contacting me and telling me that their wedding would be in Hawaii as I have never been to that city before. Hawaii (Oahu to be specific) is a lot different than what I have expected. It’s almost like Hong … Continue reading

Wedding: Janice + Stephen

So sorry for not updating my blog for a couple weeks. I have had a crazy month. Here is a sneak peek of Janice and Stephen’s wedding. Janice and Stephen are such an adorable couple. I still remember we had our first and only meeting at festival walk. I never pictured how my potential clients … Continue reading

Wedding: Kathy + Kan

I have mentioned a long time ago that Shatin Regency Hyatt was my favorite lawn wedding venue. It still is. And with a beautiful marquee like Kathy and Kan’s? How can I not love it? I still remember more than a year ago Kathy and Kan emailed me to ask for my rate card and … Continue reading

Barcelona Wedding: Patty + Dairo

Patty, the beautiful bride, who I met when I was a student at University of California, Berkeley. We stayed at the same dormitory. She has always known to be the crazily fun girl. Wherever she was, there would be laughters. I am a lucky one to get to know and be closed to her. I … Continue reading

Wedding: Jenny + Woody

This is a wedding I shot back in early March. What’s special about this couple is that they have never requested to meet me before the wedding. They simply emailed me and asked about my price. They booked and we met on their big day. As simple as that. I think all I can say … Continue reading

Wedding: Lucy + Ernest

After having shot over 100 engagement sessions and wedding sessions, I have to say that even though the majority of my clients were nice and friendly, no one has ever come close to how thoughtful and heart warming as Lucy and Ernest were. Two hours before the reception started, Lucy and Ernest ordered a huge … Continue reading

Wedding: Kitty + Hei

This is definitely one of the most unconventional Hong Kong weddings that I have captured. Pay attention to what the bridesmaids and groomsmen’s attires. Interesting right?