Maternity: Carmen + Eric

I probably took these photos in late September? Sorry, I am just so bad with dates and numbers. Anyway, what I remember mostly about this photoshoot is that it was supposed to be taken at Carmen and Eric’s new apartment, but because the smell and the chemical of the paint at the newly furnished apartment, … Continue reading

Maternity: Karla + Ray

It’s really surprising to me that I have at least one photoshoot every week in this summer as summer is supposed to be our off peak season. I am glad so a few of them happened indoor. I did a full day pre-wedding photoshoot in July, and it was so hot that my brain had … Continue reading

Family: The Ho Family

Yup! Another family/ maternity photoshoot. I have done so many family ones this year. Friends always ask me if I prefer photographing couple or family. I would say I enjoy both equally. It’s always fun to photograph toddlers. They always take you by surprised. You would never know if they would turn up cranky or … Continue reading

Family: The Ng family

I am definitely falling in love with this chubby round face baby girl. I have been thinking about her all the time since the photoshoot. This is my fourth photoshoot with this couple, who I have become good friends with. Here is the last photoshoot we did six months back (please click here).

Family: Mandy + Jason = Him Him

I feel like I am going crazy with all the shoots that I have done in the past three weeks. I did 7 photo shoots in 10 days, I felt like all my energy was drained from my body. And now there is a huge pile of photos sitting in my computer whispering my name. … Continue reading

Family: The Ng Family

I know it has been way too long for me to update my blog when a couple of my prior clients texted and urged me to post something new. Fyi, I have never stopped shooting in these couple months, just I was also busy having a lot of fun with different sport activities and traveling. … Continue reading

Maternity: Yan + Kelvin

Maternity: Katherine + Howie

It is just too cold to type. I have frozen fingers even sitting in the office. A friend said to me, “I hope no one is crazy enough to want wedding photos in this weather.” Hmm…I did have a wedding to shoot yesterday; we, the photography and videography crew all had pink hands shooting outdoor … Continue reading

Family: The Yip Family

One kid is already difficult enough to photograph, now it comes two! BUT it also means double the joy! Eva and Sunny are another clients that I have gone through a few phrases with together. I did their engagement photo shoot, and then maternity. Now the baby twins turning one year old. Sophie and Emma … Continue reading

Family: The Fung family

This is my third time having a photo session with Larina and Vincent. The first time was at their wedding, the second time was when Barnabas was still in Larina’s womb. Seeing their family keeps expanding is an interesting and warm feeling. The weather wasn’t ideal on the day we shot. It was cloudy in … Continue reading