Wedding: Emily + Dennis

I was truly surprised when Emily contacted me and asked me to be her wedding photographer. Anyhow she lives in Toronto and I live in Hong Kong. And I believe that there are tons of great photographers in Canada. It would definitely be more economical to hire someone from Canada than me from Hong Kong. … Continue reading

Family: The Kissi Family

Oops. Didn’t realize I haven’t updated my blog for so long! I have been busy photographing, traveling and getting rid of jetlag. Here is one of my favorite family photoshoots I did in Toronto early this year.

Engagement: Samantha + Quentin

This is an engagement session that I did two and a half months ago. Thanks Samantha and Quentin! I finally got to do an engagement session in Taiwan! I have always wanted to photograph in Taiwan, but somehow whenever I mentioned Taiwan, people would promptly think of the typical taiwanese pre-wedding photos that are taken … Continue reading

Engagement: Vivian + Wai

Vivian and Wai are one of those clients that doesn’t have much questions for me. I love photo shooting these two lovebirds. When you look at each of them individually, you would put them into the hardcore category. Especially Vivian. Maybe the fact that she’s a rock climber makes me seeing her as a really … Continue reading

Travel: Marseille

There is this comment about Marseille – One either loves it or hates it. And if you asked me, I would tell you I didn’t hate it, nor I loved it. I didn’t love it because I had this high expectation before I went. When everyone told you South of France was picturesque, when you … Continue reading