Wedding: Gwendoline + Szehow

This is a wedding that I photographed more than a month ago in Singapore. I have never been asked to get to the hotel before the sun came out. It was pitch dark outside when I started shooting.
It was funny that Szehow’s best man happened to be a Singaporean guy that I met 10 years ago in Hong Kong. We haven’t been in touch all these years, and all of a sudden we ran into each other again in Singapore. Small world, no?

It was my pleasure to be invited to shoot at Gwen and Szehow’s wedding, which was conducted at one of the nicest hotels in Singapore – The fullerton Bay hotel.

Congratulations once again, Gwen and Szehow!

3 Responses to “Wedding: Gwendoline + Szehow”
  1. Clare says:

    Hi Kathy , I absolutely adore your photos! Could you send me your quotation for pre-wedding and big day shooting? Many thanks!!

  2. Gwen says:

    Hi Kathy – thanks for all da nice shots and yes it’s really a small world that there are so many connected parties found in our wedding. My MAU is one of my guest’s MAU n the SG photographer u met is also Szehow’s army buddy back to school time LOL

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