Pre-Wedding party: Tiffany + Albert

The world is so small. Tiffany and I went to the same secondary school, but we didn’t know until I asked her which school did she go to after our first meeting. And then at their pre-wedding party, I ran into Albert’s brother, who I met at The King’s college a cappella concert, which took place a week before the pre-wedding party. Small world indeed.

Sneak peek of Tiffany and Albert’s pre-wedding party, which was held a week ago. (No Tiff, I haven’t finished edited them all yet. I have just randomly edited some because I just couldn’t wait to see the photos myself!)Doesn’t Tiffany look like a fairy? She’s absolutely gorgeous and well-mannered. She thanked me a thousand times for being able to make it to her pre-wedding party. It’s actually my pleasure to be invited to shoot at such a great taste wedding party.

I think they are wonderful match!

I can’t wait to edit their wedding day photos! Stay tuned!

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