Engagement: Sara + Billy (Part one)

This post is going to be longer because I have a story to share.

When I first said okay to Sara’s request in November of doing their engagement photos in February, I never knew what I have gotten myself into…

When Sara sent me photos to my Iphone of the locations of where they wanted to shoot, I went into panic…
(photos from Sara)When Sara wrote to me and said she and Billy wanted to dress like their usual self, and shown me their hoodies, I almost fainted…
(not that her hoodies not nice, its just very boyish and TOO casual imo for engagement shooting)

I honestly told her that it would be a HUGE challenge for me after I saw the photos she sent me. I explaint, “the color of the locations is pretty dull. Also the background is pretty messy. Messy is not a bad thing if its like those fruit market (becoz its very colorful), but dull color + messy? Nah.” We would definitely need the right props or right ideas to make it work.

From November to February, Sara and I have sent around 100 emails back and forth to discuss about the outfits and props.

February finally came…
The rest of the photos will be in the next post.

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