Family: The Wan Family

Don’t skip this post! You have to scroll to the bottom to see how much can change in 2 years!

Sara and Billy are definitely two of my most favorite clients! Especially Sara, she has been so supportive throughout my photography journey ever since she has become my client two years ago. The first time I met Sara and Billy was at their engagement session (please check to browse). The next time we met was at her wedding. You can check out the photos here. Two years after we first met, Sara and Billy have a baby boy! And one more is on the way!
We went back to the place that they had their engagement session.


Billy was encouraging 2b (Baby Shun Shun’s nickname) to touch the grass. I love those parents that don’t hesitate to bring their kids out and not afraid that they will get their hands dirty by crawling and rolling on the field and experience the REAL nature.






How much can change in two years? You can totally tell from these couple photos! =)



sb-05wIt’s interesting and warm to get to go through some of the most important phrases with my clients. I wish I can go through many more important phrases with Sara, Billy, 2b and many more bssssss!

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