Family: Josafin + Calvin = Momo

(I am posting mostly my recent photos as I honestly don’t remember which set of photos that I have posted or not posted yet. If any of my clients would want their photos to be up here on my blog, which I might have forgotten to upload yet, please feel free to let me know. I might have left out the photos that I photographed in mid 2017.)

Whenever I look at this set of photos, I just couldn’t help but smile. Momo, the cheeky baby was so well behaved on the day of the shoot. She was all smiley, and giving us various facial expressions. Josafin and Calvin gave me all the freedom to pick a location, so I told them instead of just a garden photoshoot (which honestly is the easiest to do), I suggested to put in some Hong Kong elements as I want this set of photos to be even more meaningful for Momo or her parents to look at many years later. What’s more fun than to look at how much you have changed at the same time pointing out the changes in Hong Kong – the buildings, the seats in the ferry, the packaging of the lemon tea and etc. Thank you Josafin and Calvin for the trust in my creativity.

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