Family: The Wan Family

I have to say I am especially fond of this couple, not because they are the best looking couple though they are likely in the top 5 best looking couples that I have photographed =), but they have helped me in many ways to walk this far in my photography journey. I am forever grateful. They were the first couple that officially hired and paid me to be their engagement and wedding day photographer when I had zero experience, I guess one can never forget their first experience.

Thank you Kee and Michael!

Kee is sort of a legend as everyone now knows her as the hot girl that gained 50lbs on her first pregnancy, and lost them all and be hot again within a year. When I asked her if she wanted me to slim her down by photoshopping her in these photos after her second baby girl was born 21 days ago, she told me lets not bother as it’s one of the stages that she’s going through and she’s confident that she would be back in shape again! I am very sure she would too! wf-1w












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