Engagement: Mandy + Eric

I can’t remember when was my first meeting with Mandy and Eric. Probably a year ago. The only thing I remember about our first meeting is the story that Mandy told me. The story of how she got robbed and was being hit in the head on the street. Her parents had their phones switched off because it was midnight, the only phone number she could remember was Eric’s because funnily their phone numbers were almost identical except one number. Eric came to her rescue and would become her husband 4 years later (they are getting married in November 2012).
Why this theme? Eric was (still is) the conductor of Mandy’s choir. It’s music that brought them together. What could be more meaningful than this theme to them?

I always suggest my clients to shoot at where the proposal takes place or places that they always hang out at. Thank you Mandy and Eric for accepting my suggestions. The peak is exactly where Eric proposed to Mandy.

The grey clouds started to gather up as soon as we got off the ferry. It was raining so bad when we got to the peak. Yet I found it perfect because everyone moved into the shopping mall, and the streets were desert! We went straight out to shoot under the rain with our umbrellas. (for some of you that I have cancelled our shootings because of bad weather was because of the locations/ outfits you chose simply couldn’t be shot in the rain.)

When it’s your turn, definitely pick a place that means something to you/ both of you. It adds so much more stories and memories to your album when you flip it open again after 10 years.

I can’t wait to shoot at Mandy and Eric’s wedding in November! They are getting married at the church that I really want to shoot at!

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