Engagement: Edith + Marshall

There were clients that asked me millions of questions before their actual shooting day after booking me. There were clients that asked me very few questions. Yet there was none that didn’t ask me any questions until Edith and Marshall became my clients. I was surprised that Edith had no questions for me regarding their shooting. On the shooting day I asked her how could she have no questions at all. She said, “I didn’t know I could bother you with my questions.” LOL. em-01w




If you were lucky, you could get pretty good sunlight in Hong Kong too.
I had a lot of fun photo shooting this couple. I still remember the one question that Marshall asked me the most on the shooting day was “Where do I look?”. There were even a couple times after hearing his comments that I laughed so hard that I couldn’t hold my camera steady and shoot. And then Edith was such a pleasant girl with a very bright and pretty smile.


I still remembered what Edith and Marshall were staring at in this photo. The photo I took right after this one (I don’t mean the photo below), they had broad smiles on their faces (and actually mine too!) because I told them to stop staring at that “thing”.

em-366ewNice meeting you two, Edith and Marshall!

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