Wedding: Larina + Vincent

I honestly have never been to a bridal room that has so many bridesmaids (10 in total!!!) waiting to get their hair and makeup done. It’s like a salon! =) Larina told me that she had primary school, secondary school as well as University classmates as her bridesmaids.
Before their wedding, when I was still communicating with Larina through emails, she kept repeating to me that the wedding ceremony was the most important session throughout the day for them.
So many guests attended their ceremony, the huge church was fully packed.

I was surprised that they chose to run down the aisle, even more surprised that their videographer and the first lens of another team didnt get out of their way when they saw them running towards them. Vincent almost knocked over the videographer.
Larina’s definitely one of the toughest girls I have met. Her speech was touching at the same time hilarious. She didn’t shed a tear herself througout the whole speech when she’s made so many of the guests cry. I still remember she mentioned in her speech that her dad hated girls for three things; 1. Cry 2. Whine 3. Being girly in appearance (correct me if i was wrong); thus, today’s tough Larina.
Larina and Vincent, congratulations once again!

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