Engagement: Queenie + Joe

If u had read through my blog, you would remember Queenie and Joe. I did their another engagement set back in Dec 2010. When they knew that I would go to Melbourne, they engaged me in another set of engagement photos.

I knew nothing about Melbourne. Queenie whatsapp-ed me about the places that she wanted to shoot a couple weeks before I departed for Melbourne.

They have so many handmade cute props. If any of you is interested in ordering, I can refer you to them! (I will put their props in another post sometime later.)

I have tried to ask Joe to pose for me in the beginning of the shooting, but it really wouldn’t work. He just couldn’t look serious. I gave up at last. I asked him to pose funny instead; and he gladly accepted it (or I thought he was. LOL.)
Who would let me hang all the pom pom on him without protesting? ONLY JOE! Thanks Queenie and Joe for letting me have this much fun AT WORK.

I can’t wait to shoot at their wedding next year!
Queenie and Joe, I am expecting the trampoline, the monkey and the clown at the reception! =)

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